Scandinavia and New York has never been closer in style.





I have a passion that wants to make those creating beautiful design and products, innovating with a sustainable mind, and making their environment better, to grow and spread their good products everywhere. I have the need  to look for these products and the ability to grow business relations with suppliers / designers and the Customers. The strength is in the concept and the Scandinavian market.

My task is to work as a trader and agent in the Scandinavian market to represent the designers that have this element of innovation and creativity in their products. 

the mission

We see the trend of consciousness and meaningfulness in all we eat, use, wear and build. The Scandinavian market is conscious enough to understand the reason why.

The products I share with you have a soul and purpose to make you feel not as ordinary as everything else. It is a lifestyle to feel good, be good and enjoy life!