cf Lifestyle represents interior design brands in Scandinavia with a feel and touch of the Nordic heritage: Kajsa Cramer, Ylva Skarp,  Emma Von Brömssen. The similarities between the styles is their organic authenticity, inspiration of colors and forms from the Scandinavian way of thinking.

A new established brand SERAX and its newest label Valerie - Objects are the new additions to my portfolio in Sweden. We are convinced that 2017 will bring lots of opportunities for the Belgian brands in terms of brand recognitions and exposure in the Scandinavian market. We are focused to bring you consistent good design from the producers SERAX and their lengthy experience of 30 years.   

"I started the lifestyle agency after working for many years with business development, project management and sales. All that experience is essential to be an agent. Today I use my experience and knowledge together with my passion to grow the work of the brands I represent" Carla Franchetti.

Our agency focus to grow sales for brands that describe the nordic feeling. I will surprise you with products that fit in our lives.


All the best !

Enjoy  the Collection


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